Frequently-Asked Questions

How long has the International Network of Christian Martial Artists been in existence?

The INCMA was established on August 21, 1999.

Does the INCMA provide belt ranking for any particular style?

No. You should be able to receive training and belt ranking from your local instructor. That is not what this association is for. By reading our mission, you can gain a better idea of what this association is about.

What kind of support is there for instructors who join the association?

As a member, you will be able to share your information, photos, and other forms of media in our Facebook Group. Members will be able to network with other schools, instructors, practitioners, demo teams, and enthusiasts within their location.

Do you have patches or other merchandise available for purchase?

We plan to have patches, hats and other accessories soon. We will notify all members when they are available.

How can I become an area representative for my state or province?

There are very specific guidelines for becoming an area representative. INCMA Members who are interested may contact us for complete details.

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